Sotnick.Com - Sizing Info

Hello friends! We want to make our site as user compatible as possible so here's some size info for the various categories with an option to go custom length for a nominal charge. 



Womens Chokers - 14.5 & 16 inches  (with a 1/2 inch allowance). The lengths you find here are what we recommend based on years of feedback, but if you generally run small or a bit large for an item and want what you want at a specific length please reach out and we'll do everything possible to accommodate you with the same or similar alacrity set aside for pre made lengths.    

Women's Standard Length necklaces - 18 to 20 inches  (The lengths you see here are end to end, strand lengths laid flat. See picture below to get a feel for drop when being worn.)  

Women's Medium Long Necklaces - 26 to 28 inches  

Women's Long Necklaces - 32-36 inches (necklace strands 32-36 inches, with pendants that add up to 2.5 inches in wearer's length.)

Women's Extra Long Necklaces - 56-58 inches

Women's Bracelets  - Small 5 inches, Medium 6 inches  (Between Men's and Women's we offer 5, 6, 7, 8 inches, or, if you would like to cue up a custom measurement use a string and measure the cut length, or a soft tape measure and reach out to our customer service department with your info.)  


Men's Classic Length Necklaces - 20-22 inches & 22-24 inches. 

Men's Bracelets - Medium 7 inches, Large 8 inches. 

Reach out to Customer Service with questions.   



The top three necklaces, Pastel Bottle Beads, Emerald Bottle Beads, Venetian with Bottle Beads are all standard length 18-20 inches. The middle long length, multi color Venetian ensemble runs about 26 inches and the long Azure Blue necklace runs 32-34 inches.