By Sotnick


Sotnick has been thrilling followers with a contemporary, truly artistic flair, applying his skills to canvas, socially relevant cartoons, neckties & bolo's, clothing ensembles, and most especially, his unsurpassed presentations of exotic, limited edition necklaces, bags and bracelets. I know the man for thirty plus years, husband, father, friend, he's simply one of the best people on the planet. That he absolutely loves what he's doing goes without saying, and we are all the beneficiaries.

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When we say Limited Editions consider in many cases we are using beads that have been in circuit for 200 to 300 years. Beads that will never be seen again once this short run of necklaces in particular sells thru. All of the trims and findings are of our own design so when you purchase a Sotnick piece you can feel sure of its unique presentation, the sense of exclusivity - truly a case of age meeting beauty - for you, By Sotnick.